Meningokokken und Haemophilus Influenzae


    IHM and NRZMHi co-organized EMGM-meeting on Haemophilus influenzae


    Dr. Thien-Tri Lam, medical microbiologist at the IHM, together with Dr. David Litt from Health Protection England organized a one-day meeting of European reference laboratories working on invasive Haemophilus influenzae infections.

    20 Scientists from 13 countries organized in the EMGM-society  came together in Frankfurt on November 30, 2018. Short reports from each country confirmed the effectiveness of Hib vaccination programmes throughout Europe, but also steadily increasing numbers of invasive infections due to unencapsulated H. influenzae strains. Laboratory surveillance structures differ in Europe with regards to coverage of cases and approaches to antimicrobial susceptibility testing, which needs to harmonized. Prof. Maiden from Oxford University introduced the possibilities provided by the BIGSdb database also for H. influenzae genomics, defining a variety of possible projects. Breakout sessions elucidated research priorities and possibilities for future collaborations within the EMGM on Haemophilus infections. Furthermore, the meeting served to plan workshops at the forthcoming EMGM-conference in Lisbon (http://emgm2019.pt/).